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my name is oscar

I got this picture of my grandpa ones. he's in the army. their riding their shovels.
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when i moved out from my parents i stole these photos from the albums just to have something nice to remember them by.

this is my mom in the seventies
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heres she's kissin my dad
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my brother and sister and familydog luther
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here is my granma n granpa. their in dnmark with my mom and dad who is stickin up behind there...
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this is the eighties. my oldest brother and my sister and me behind the guitar.
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god i love seeing pictures of my parents when they were young and somewhat cool.

those are so awesome. you were an adorable little kid :)
he thanks

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yeah i like the ladies!
Those are great photos! I love the 70s ones
These were awesome! Thank you for sharing them!