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Nostalgia Lane~~~Pics of Yesteryear [entries|friends|calendar]
Days of Old

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[09 Apr 2008|07:26am]

I love genealogy! It is one of the Coolest things ever... I am a Fourth Generation Genealogist. My mother, her mother and her mother (my Great Grandmother) were/are all genealogists. But I must say I have made the most progress thanks to the internet. I have found through the17th Century on a couple branches. 

What I wanted to post about is, I am a member of a site called Photomax. And what this site does is scan and archives your photos. I went though my photos and found pictures I had of my Grandmother and Grandfather. As far as I know I am the only one with a copy. I was always afraid that I might lose them, or my house might burn, or more likely where I live a flood (I'm from Oregon where is rains a lot ;) So what i did when I found this site was send them my photos and they scanned them and archived them. I then payed a little more and the made a Movie out of them... Where my family photos fly around and it played great music... 

Anyways I thought that I should pass this on to the people that would love it most, fellow Geneologists. 

The site is www.photomax.com. If you sign up you get 20 free photo prints. Its a members tells members only site, so you have to have a referral... So you have to put my Email address... which is jamesleekelley@yahoo.com and then the rest of the info is yours... I hope some of your find this fun! I would love to post a copy of my DVD but I haven;t figured out how yet lol... but I will once I figure it out.

James Lee kelley

Family Names ~ Kelley, Belletto, Jacobson/sen, Goss, Peterson, Struthers, Baird, Hoover 
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[28 Nov 2006|11:29am]

A family portrait. From left to right, my grandmother, my grandfather, my aunt, my father, and my uncle. I look just like my aunt with lighter hair, and my dad looks just like his dad. I haven't seen anything geekier than this photo in quite a while, hehe.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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[24 Nov 2006|11:38am]

Conveniently Untitled.Collapse )
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[22 Nov 2006|11:35am]

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[21 Nov 2006|12:35pm]

Third Time's a Charm.Collapse )
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[20 Nov 2006|12:32pm]

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[19 Nov 2006|01:03pm]

Julie.Collapse )

Cross-posting to oldphotoaffair, opal_beefaroni, vintagephoto, waitingonsunday.
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[18 Nov 2006|03:05pm]


Not the oldest picture around, but...

My parents, shortly after they met. Early 70's. He was in the Air Force, she was in the Army. When I put it that way, it's amazing they're still together.
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Found lots of beautiful vintage images there [25 Jun 2006|08:26pm]

[ mood | busy ]

and wanted to share because I know how gorgeous it is to gaze at those ^__^
hope you enjoy!!!


ask the person before using her pictures anyway:)
blessed be!

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[16 May 2006|10:22am]

I love communities like this...
My father's senior picture, 1970.

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wanted to share :) [02 Mar 2006|07:16pm]


found that link and was so glad to discover pretty and interesting vintage pics:)
hope you enjoy!!!
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New girl here [19 Jan 2006|04:15pm]

What a fun community!
I'm new here and greatly enjoying looking through the photos.
Here's a photo of my great great-grandmother. Not a very handsome woman....but family lore says she was a real sweetheart.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Eidem family in the late 1920s [17 Dec 2005|11:16am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello! I just found this community today. What a neat idea! I'll introduce myself by posting a photo of my grandmother's family when she was about 14 or so. That's my grandmother, May Christine (her middle name is now my first name) in the forefront (third girl from the right). I love the lighting in this photo; it's rather touching for me. And I have to say, that great-uncle of mine on the far left is rather handsome!

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[10 Oct 2007|07:20pm]

Here are some pictures of my mom and dad and there parents and my dads grandparents...My mom had me when she was in her mid fourties...so yes these pictures are a little older than you would expect...

four generationsCollapse )
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[30 Sep 2005|08:12pm]

Hi, I'm new here. I've been working on my genealogy for the past year, and it's a lot of fun. Here are some of my most recent finds:

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[08 Sep 2005|04:57pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Heya, I've posted here a couple of times, but under my old username, idfuckramirez, so this is my new name, and I still love this community!

Here's a picture of my mom with her parents and her little brother. I think she was about 16 or 17 in this picture.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And this next thing isn't a picture, so I'm going to put it under a cut. It's an old letter I found that my mom's friend wrote to her, probably over 20 years ago. I couldn't believe what it said! And the guy she's talking about, Sean, is my older sister's dad. It's not a picture, but it's definitely old school! (I promise I'll only post pictures after this!)

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I'm New [01 Aug 2005|08:41am]

I'm the "family genealogist" i guess you could say. This is a cool community!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My father's mother. She was a first generation American in this country. Her parents came over from Minsk, Belarus. She spoke yiddish and very little english. until much later in her life.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Another one of Ethel. She was so gorgeous when she was in her prime. She died when i was nine. I wish I could have gotten to know her better.
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[24 May 2005|09:14pm]

my name is oscar
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[17 Apr 2005|11:36pm]

This is a picture of my great-grandma with a baby deer.

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hello [08 Mar 2005|07:43pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

hi!! i have alot of old pics of family etc.. i also collect old postmortem pics too. cool board. ive gotta learn how to post pics, then ill get some up for you to see.

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