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I love genealogy! It is one of the Coolest things ever... I am a Fourth Generation Genealogist. My mother, her mother and her mother (my Great Grandmother) were/are all genealogists. But I must say I have made the most progress thanks to the internet. I have found through the17th Century on a couple branches. 

What I wanted to post about is, I am a member of a site called Photomax. And what this site does is scan and archives your photos. I went though my photos and found pictures I had of my Grandmother and Grandfather. As far as I know I am the only one with a copy. I was always afraid that I might lose them, or my house might burn, or more likely where I live a flood (I'm from Oregon where is rains a lot ;) So what i did when I found this site was send them my photos and they scanned them and archived them. I then payed a little more and the made a Movie out of them... Where my family photos fly around and it played great music... 

Anyways I thought that I should pass this on to the people that would love it most, fellow Geneologists. 

The site is www.photomax.com. If you sign up you get 20 free photo prints. Its a members tells members only site, so you have to have a referral... So you have to put my Email address... which is jamesleekelley@yahoo.com and then the rest of the info is yours... I hope some of your find this fun! I would love to post a copy of my DVD but I haven;t figured out how yet lol... but I will once I figure it out.

James Lee kelley

Family Names ~ Kelley, Belletto, Jacobson/sen, Goss, Peterson, Struthers, Baird, Hoover 
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