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Nostalgia Lane~~~Pics of Yesteryear [entries|friends|calendar]
Days of Old

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[02 Mar 2005|01:21pm]


one more under cut
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August 12, 1950 // Dayton, Ohio [18 Feb 2005|07:13pm]


my maternal grandparents & their parents (the lady on the left is my grandpa's step-mom - but she was also his mom's cousin.) & their niece, Donna

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greetings every soul in love with vintage **** [13 Feb 2005|01:21pm]

[ mood | calm ]

I am searching for pretty pics of old time especial vintage women,couple or lovely lil children ,lil girls:)
i am a kind of mixed media artist who adores making collage,painting,and gluing quotes and everything,you can see some of my artworks at my websites or on my livejournal:)
I am deeply passionate by art :)
SO I d be very grateful if anyone could send me some vintage pics for me to use in my collage and of course you ll be able to see them at my website:)if you are curious:)
thank you for reading and blessed be!!!

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[04 Feb 2005|10:48pm]

Hi, I'm new to this community *waves* and I finally scanned some old photos of my family. I hope you like them. Please feel free to comment.

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[23 Jan 2005|11:22am]

This is a picture of my parents...my mother had me when she was 43 and my dad was 53...they were married when she was 15 and he was 25...my mother was such a beautiful woman...

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[03 Jan 2005|05:00pm]


these are some pictures of my mom and dad when they were younger.


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[05 Dec 2004|01:45am]



This is my mom's senior pic, 1978, I think. I have so many older pics of my grandparents but it looks like noone really posts in here anymore.

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[12 Sep 2004|09:08pm]

This is my grandma (my mom's mom) on her wedding day. The guy she's marrying is my mom's biological father, but he died when she was only a few months old in a hunting accident, and then my grandma got remarried not long after, and her husband adopted my mom, and he's the only grandpa I've ever had. I wish I would have gotten to meet my real grandpa, and I'm sure my mom wishes she would have known him, too. Isnt' he handsome, though? And I think my grandma looks really beautiful in that dress .

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

p.s. this community is wonderful and you guys should post more often! :]
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x-posted as usual [23 May 2004|08:46pm]

I got around to scanning more pictures, these are my favorite three of what I looked at today. They're huge, so dial-uppers beware.
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[21 May 2004|10:40am]

I promised more pictures today, so here I am. With another picture.

DonnaCollapse )
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x-posted [20 May 2004|06:57pm]

I've been a longtime lurker of this community, but this is my first post... My grandma recently gave me all of her photos to go through and scan. I was a little overwhelmed, as I'm sure you would be if I posted them all up at once, so I'm going to post up a few at a time. My first entry is of my favorite great great aunt, Fannie Fox.

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PHOTOS! YAY! [08 May 2004|04:36pm]

[ mood | happy ]

My german aunt that i'm going to go see in like...2 months!!



Wasn't i goofy looking? hahaha.


and pictures of my mom and dad's motorcycle trip up to canada that i found (circa 1982)Collapse )

i'm still convinced my mother is the most beautiful woman in the world. but maybe that's because i'm biased. haha.


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Polaroids Hold Up Well [06 May 2004|10:48pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

I was going through a box of my stuff, and I found a polaroid snap of my sister and I sitting on the curb in front of my first house.

This obviously cropped, and there was another girl in the pic with us, but I don't remember who she is at all. I also can't tell how old I was in this pic. I'm thinking: Three? Four?

Bow to my l33t Mickey Mouse flip flops!Collapse )

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[15 Mar 2004|04:42pm]

Hi, I just joined this community today. I'm Annie and obviously I have a thing for old photos ^_^

Behind the cut is a photo of my extended family... I believe the twins are my dad's cousins?

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(by the way, I'm VERY new to the community thing so please let me know if I've done anything wrong!)
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More! [11 Mar 2004|12:48am]


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My dad and Uncle... [08 Mar 2004|02:21am]

[ mood | excited to post pics up ]

My dad during his photo shoot. My dad was about 6 or 7 years old in these pictures.

more pics of my daddy as a young boyCollapse )
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who cares if no one else posts, I have plenty. [03 Mar 2004|06:05pm]


much moreCollapse )

All of these are of my great grandmother and her friends/relatives.
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my parents [01 Mar 2004|05:37am]

little folksCollapse )
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[29 Feb 2004|12:15pm]

[ mood | amused ]


sorry if they dont work. im still trying to figure this whole picture posting thing out.


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Here's some more! [28 Feb 2004|10:19pm]

these are more interestingCollapse )
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