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Days of Old
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This is a community to post old photos of friends and family, vacations, countries, cultures, war, black and whites, and old polaroids and cracked photos that you and your many generations have laying around your homes.
Have you ever just sat over at a friends house going through their photo albums and yearbooks, thinking just how cool old pictures are? If you have, then this community is for you.

NO STEALING PICTURES-PERIOD. If you are interested in saving someones pictures that were posted, please ask them. Thank you very much!

Rules and regulations of the Communities!
1. No using pictures from other websites, magazines, etc unless one of the mods gives permission to do so. We don't mind, just ask first. We would much rather see pics of you and your generations and friends. It will be allowed with a mod's permission. The communities that I have seen that are dedicated to old photos, only have people borrowing from websites and a small few post their own family and friends photos.
2. The pictures HAVE to be your own to share your friends and families past pictures. (see above explanation about borrowed pics from sites)
3. Please tell a short story about the picture if you have a story to tell. Don't post entries of your day unless it pertains to the pictures.
4. Every now and then we will do a theme. We will post the theme up when we decide to do it.
5. The Pictures can be of anything, just nothing vile. If it is deemed too offensive, it will be deleted.
6. NO NUDITY No quesitons asked...bathing suit pics are fine. Please go to pinupgirls for that. They have a fantastic journal over there. :) They have wonderful mods too.
7. When posting multiple pictures, please LJ cut them if more than one, and if dimensions are larger than 500x500 pixels. LJ CUT for those on dial-up and let us know if it is a fairly large picture in the LJ cut....
8.Post as often as you would like to.
9. Fun pictures of you THEN, and NOW are always fun. We love to see how geeky we all were or have become.
10. Making fun of pictures in a harsh way will get you banned, so being nice is a must. I will not stand for that crap!

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Questions or ideas, contact us. Please feel free to contribute to this community.